Backend Developer: Scala + Java 8

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At ClearScore, our back-end engineers are responsible for building, maintaining and monitoring mission-critical services that are at the core of our ecosystem. From storing and transforming credit reports to powering a platform that serves a user base of over six million people, the back-end engineers here are the group who drive our platform to new heights.

We work in cross-functional teams, so a lot of your day will be spent working with engineers of other disciplines to deliver the best quality product you can. We build a lot of our services in Scala, but don’t worry if you do not have production experience working in Scala. We would be happy to teach you the ropes, but require you to be keen to learn it. You also have the freedom to try new technologies, as long as you can justify it. As of today, the only requirement is that you build your service in a Docker container that runs on the JVM.

Examples of work we have done this year:

Tech stack:


What really matters:

We understand that you may not have experience working with all of the technologies that we use, especially in Scala. We are more than happy to teach you and help you gain experience in the language and the Akka HTTP framework. What we do require is that you are hungry to learn and that you love to build things.

ClearScore is one of the fastest growing FinTechs in Europe. In under two years we’ve changed the credit scoring and report market in the UK forever and our mission is to transform how people manage their personal finances.

I’m sure lots of places say they have a great environment. Have a look at our GlassDoor page to see what our team think about working here. They talk about a place that cares about the team, challenging work and an organisation that invests in its people.

We deliberately have a flat and collaborative culture. It suits people that will speak their mind, able take feedback as comments from a team mate not criticism and would enjoy working in fast scaling environment where expectations are high.


We enjoy perks like free breakfasts, monthly office days out and a loads of sporting activities.

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