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The UK’s largest free credit score and financial well-being business is looking for a Senior Data Scientist to report into the Chief Data Officer.

This is an amazing opportunity to engage with a rich and data set on ten million users in three markets. We have captured every interaction the users have had with our high touch website and native apps, their full monthly credit files since the have joined and growing access to insurance, bank account and mobile data as well.

Ordinarily this a data set this vast would be buried in legacy stems, however ClearScore is only four years old and operates a strict “zero legacy” approach that means the data is held in autoscaling AWS redshift environment.

ClearScore is at the start of it’s journey to turn this immense data asset into something that will genuinely benefit our users and improve the financial market.Responsibilities:

Analytics: The Senior Data Scientist applies advanced statistical capabilities and delivers statistical models, for example, consumer predictive value, churn, segmentation and profiling, association models, and so forth. The Senior Data Scientist will also be required to refine and draw reports and presentation on junior data science departmental performance as well as proposed data science and analytics strategies.

Leadership: The Senior Data Scientist plays a managerial role where s/he oversees the activities of the junior data analysts, ensuring proper execution of their duties, and alignment of activities with business’s overall vision and objectives. The Senior Data Scientist ensures that the data scientist department adopts the best in class processes and techniques for statistical analysis and modeling as well as best practices within the department and the Data and Analytics department.

The Senior Data Scientist also provides mentorship and guidance to junior data analysts while simultaneously guaranteeing statistical integrity, accuracy, and adequacy within the department.

Strategy: The Senior Data Scientist also plays a strategic role where he is tasked with formulating new and creative ideas for leveraging the business’s vast collection of data in the databases. In this capacity, the Senior Data Scientist also works with large sets of data and establishes accurate and scalable analytics systems across varied applications.

Collaboration: The Senior Data Scientist acts as a bridge between the marketing, product and analysis teams that are the consumers of Data Science, the Data Engineering teams who manage the Big Data environment and the other Data Scientists. S/will be required to “talk the language” of these different teams in order to come up with workable solutions.

S/he will also work with this senior management and key stake holders in identifying and prioritizing actionable, impactful insights across a variety of core business fronts, driving informed decision-making across the business and, hence, enhancing the business’s capability to achieve goals and objectives.



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