Data Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · tech · tech


Clearscore is searching for a talented Data Engineer. You will be working on a platform that will hold data on millions of ClearScore users across the world. This will involve designing and implementing massively high-volume and robust data pipelines that will feed user behavioural data back into production systems. You will engineer systems that will power ClearScore’s analytics which will handle thousands of events per second from users interacting with our product.

"People around the world will turn to ClearScore when they think about financial decisions. We make personal finance clearer, calmer and easier to understand. We help people take decisions that create greater financial well-being." This is the ClearScore mission, and what you will see when you come into our office.

ClearScore is one of the fastest growing FinTechs in Europe. We've changed the credit scoring and credit report market in the UK forever and our mission is to transform how people manage their personal finances around the world. From building financial literacy chatbots, to creating industry leading relationships and integrations with financial institutions, our technology and our developers enable the creation of the next generation of consumer-facing financial technology.

We are proud to say that our Engineers at ClearScore are world class and at the heart of making this mission a reality for our 10 million customers.

For more information on our Tech Stack check out our Tech Radar 2019 and how we work is summarised in our Engineering Principles.



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