About ClearScore

At ClearScore, we're more than just free credit scores

Our goal is to help millions of people take control of their money and make better financial decisions.

We're early in our journey, but there's already a huge amount to be proud of. Within 12 months of launching ClearScore, we’ve built a multi-award winning, sustainable business and a product used and loved by millions. We've changed the industry for the better, and become the UK's Number 1 credit checking service.

And we're just getting started. We're looking for high potential, talented people to help us scale ClearScore and fulfil the incredible opportunity we have on our hands.

We're a sociable team and love to celebrate our successes - any excuse to head to the pub!

Some of the key things we look for:

  • Friendly people who like to join in (and have great Slack banter)
  • Pride in the work you do and everything you get involved with
  • Independent thinking, and not being afraid to suggest new ideas
  • Obsession with your craft, down to the smallest detail
  • Data driven but able to make judgment calls when necessary
  • Driven by delivery, producing work on time and to a high standard

Our benefits:

  • Holidays – 25 paid holidays and a “duvet day” on your birthday
  • Pension – ClearScore matches up to 4%
  • Market-beating medical insurance - with the option to add friends and family
  • Perk box – a choice of different benefits
  • Flexible work hours and the ability to work from home
  • Flexible, generous and personalised maternity and paternity plans
  • Monthly funded GP office visits
  • Free breakfast and fruit...and a beer fridge
  • Company personal trainer, boxing and yoga classes
  • Company clubs for football, climbing, cinema, board games... if there's not one for your passion, start one!
  • Monthly team events and office days out that we get to choose, and company events at the end of each race and retro

Current openings